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I am giving a talk on the material that I wrote about for Game Developer Magazine – plus expanded content! – tomorrow (today, I suppose – Thursday, whatever day that is)  at the Vancouver Erlang Meetup Group meeting. Page here.


Concurrency is a thorn in the backside of modern game programming. Not only do we have to consider the interaction of concurrent processes across multiple CPU cores, but modern game development involves looking at concurrent interactions between the CPU and one or more GPUs, where parallelization and scheduling is not necessarily something that we can control. As a result, the modern game developer not only needs to wrap his brain around concurrency, but he must deal with additional issues such as vectorization and how to deal with a processor that wants to pretend that everything in the entire world is a triangle. Join Nicholas for a riveting, exciting, and horrifying look at the state of the art in concurrent thought, see why everybody might start doing functional programming in the next five years, and understand why game developers across the world are desperately ripping off the good ideas from Erlang and haphazardly reimplementing them in C++.

Hope to see you there!

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