Sweeping the Dust Under the Rug

…if under the rug means out of the game.

As promised, a lot has been happening in the world of Dungeons of Dredmor over the last few days.  The unfortunately necessary sabbatical had the team approaching the game with a fresh set of eyes this week, and many bad ideas have been done away with.  Overly complex systems have either been given the axe or (more favorably) been reduced to their essential (fun) components.  Don’t worry.  As far as content is concerned there’s still just as much of it, but we’re making sure we put just enough water in the Kool-Aid.

Every experience in the game which wasn’t a new experience has been removed.  Gone are the days where we perpetuate the unfortunate habit of cheap game designers to apply different color templates to a rat and call them “dire rats”.  It’s not fun for you, and it doesn’t help us sleep at night.  All of the spells in the game are now completely original, again, cutting the ties of “fireball 1, 2 and 3”.

We are still monkeying with some of the core gameplay systems though, there are a few things that I’m convinced we can still do to provide a few other things that you may never have seen before while sticking to our simple model of elegant game play.  Well, sort of elegant, there are still lutefisk gods and thrusties in it after all.

As alluded to, more gameplay trailers will follow (soon!), including some fun new tilesets and sneak peeks at the skills you will be able to use to conquer baddies and traverse the Dungeons!

Oh!  And we didn’t eat any ramen on our bunkering!  We ate real food like real people!

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