Coming In Summer 2011 From Gaslamp Games: Dungeons of Dredmor

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In ages long past, the Dark Lord Dredmor was bound in the depths of the earth by great and mighty heroes. Centuries later, the magical bonds that hold him in place are slowly loosening and his power grows ever stronger. The land needs a new hero.

Unfortunately, what they have is you.

Step into the Dungeons of Dredmor and embrace your destiny. Face monsters the likes of which the world has never seen – the terrifying Swarmies, the undulating Thrusties, and the menacing Brax the Salesdemon. Find treasures like gold, magical weapons and armour, and lutefisk. Worship at the alter of Inconsequentia, the Goddess of Pointless Sidequests. Discover the power that can be had by wielding a bizarre armament of devastating weaponry such as the Interdimensional Axe, the Plastic Ring, and the Invisible Shield (if you can remember where you left it). Wield shoes decorated by the Dwarven Glittersmiths, all of whom have now committed suicide because of their shame, and embrace the joys of destroying giant moustache-wielding brick demons with a mace decorated with tawdry, delicious bacon. While you’re at it, be prepared to die. A lot. In hideous, screaming pain that makes you throw your keyboard out the window.

The Dungeons of Dredmor await. Are you ready for them?

Screenshots as of version 0.95ish (click to view full size):

(If you’d like to read a little more about what is going on in these shots, please check out the blog post here.)


  • Classic Roguelike gameplay with the sweet, refreshing taste of point-and-click interfaces. No longer must you press CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-x to drink a potion.
  • Randomly generated dungeons entice you with the sweet, sweet promises of treasure and … things.
  • Old-school pixel goodness. Face lovingly hand-animated monsters and enjoy the great taste of beautiful, individually rendered items on top of a sea of gorgeous, potent tilework.
  • Wield the awesome power of the Anvil of Krong, lest it wield you!
  • Incredibly complicated crafting system!
  • Diggles! Blobbies! Thrusties! Hordes of Monsters never-before seen!
  • Infinite replay value: choose from a selection of mind-boggling skills to create your character. A new gameplay experience awaits every time!
  • Did we mention there’s lutefisk?

Release Date: Summer 2011. Follow our development work on the Gaslamp Games Blog!

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16 Responses to “Coming In Summer 2011 From Gaslamp Games: Dungeons of Dredmor”

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  4. Eclipse says:

    looks awesome! Good work 🙂

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  5. felix says:

    looks good. for what platform(s)?

    { reply }
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  8. hello world says:

    Damn this game looks so awesome. music is right up my alley, too. 😀

    { reply }
  9. PurpleXVI says:

    As it looks right now, this game will be a sure purchase for me if it comes out on Steam. These days I don’t really buy anything that doesn’t get sold on Steam, so…

    Hope you guys can sell it on there! It’d be grand!

    { reply }
  10. Mika Halonen says:

    Screenshots tells me that character will not look like equipped all goodie stuff he finds. Will it always look like “Farmer”? I don’t like to visualize equipment on his body. My opinion though…

    { reply }
  11. minijuegos says:

    looks good. for what platform(s)?

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  12. Wilkie says:

    Can’t wait for this to be released. I’m almost certain I will be buying it 😀

    { reply }
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  14. Doop says:

    Will we be able to mod the sprites if this is for PC?

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